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Camping Zumaia, the Geopark campsite of the Basque Coast

Basque Coastline tourism

Our campiste provides an affordable accommodation option for the whole family during your travel. Put up a tent or park up your caravan or rent one of our mobile-homes while you visit our region.

Find out what to see on the Basque Coast:

Zumaia, Deba, Getaria, Orio, Zarautz... these towns form a unique mosaic of our coastline, beaches, cliffs, harbors ... towns and people of the Basque coast that have much to offer to our visitors.

We are just at 8 minutes walking distance from the train station and 10 minutes from the bus station, what allows you to visit the surroundings without taking your own vehicle.

  • Located along the river Urola and Narrondo's mouth, Zumaia is a coastal village full of charm.

    The famous tv show 'Game of Thrones' filmed part of its 7th season in the seaside localities of Zumaia, Itzurun beach. The spectacular cliffs formed by the flysch formations are among the settings that have captivated the producers of the epic fantasy series.

    While at the Algorri Point the materials found seem to indicate that a meteor fell there 65 millions of years ago, along the entire coast between Zumaia and Deba the geologists study the 'Flysch' phenomenon (cliffs with vertical stratum) and its 'tidal zone' or coastal platform, the biggest in the Cantabrian Sea. Zumaia coast's peculiarities, which we can observed going through its tracks or by guided visits, are already noticeable in the Itzurun Beach, dominated by the Hermitage of San Telmo.


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  • The classic dilemma between beach and mountain is not a problem in Deba thanks to the possibility to combine its spacious beach and the routes through the close gentle mountains or the Lastur Valley.


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  • Mutriku is the most western village of Gipuzkoa's coast, located at the border with Bizkaia. Its build-up area is settled on a slope over the port since the middle Ages. Its paved streets are dotted with many houses dating from the 15th to the 18th centuries.

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  • The seaman Juan Sebastián Elkano and the couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga. The original txakoli and the fish grills. Something would happen here for such a small village like Getaria to be the birthplace of so many stimuli. We recommend a visit to the Balenciaga museum and to enjoy the gastronomy.


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  • The long beach and its wide hotel and service offer makes Zarautz a perfect village for spending the summer... or any other part of the year. With 2,500 metres of length, the Zarautz Beach is the widest beach in Gipuzkoa. The waves make it the venue for international surfing competitions. Everybody goes through a very long and lively maritime promenade that shows above the beach, and everybody meets there.


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  • With the blue of the estuary and of the sea over which it shows, and the yellow of the beach and the rowing team, Orio is a small village where we can practice sports or taste fish.


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  • Very near the coast, the visitor gets deeper into a more rural and relaxed valley. Looking at the sea, Aia gives a green counterpoint to villages such as Orio and Zarautz, acting as the entrance to the Pagoeta Natural Park.


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